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Rogue River Basin Report Card

Report Card Process


Graphic credit: Integration and Application Network.

The first-ever Rogue River Basin Report Card

All of the more than 300,000 people living in the Rogue River Basin depend on a healthy watershed for high-quality drinking water, jobs, quality of life, and recreation. They also desire communities that offer resiliency, sustainability, and abundant fish and wildlife resources. Whether members of local communities realize it or not, their resiliency, sustainability, and quality of life all depend on healthy watersheds within the Rogue Basin. The first-ever Rogue River Basin Report Card communicates the value healthy watersheds contribute to communities while also highlighting actions that can be taken by individual community members to address the specific threats facing the Rogue Basin’s diverse ecosystems.

This report card is a socio-environmental report card, meaning that it takes into account both the health of the ecosystem (environmental) and its community (societal), both of which are inextricably linked.


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